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Pieczątka samotuszująca COLOP Printer Compact 30 PRO +gumka NOWOŚĆ
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Teczka Okładka ozdobna LISTA OBECNOŚCI (CZERWONA A4+) 1szt
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Polecenie przelewu/wpłata gotówkowa II-odc A6(CB+CF) 50bl.
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Długopis z grawerem COSMO 100szt
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Czyste kartki na recepty 1/3A4 pap.80g  (1000szt)
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Paszport Techniczny  A5 zt/18k
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Hurtownia "ADA"
Firma "JO-POL" Holandia
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Firma Kurierska Inpost
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F.P.-H. Alfa DRUK sp. z o.o.
tel. 24 275 64 65,
       24 275 44 74,

fax. 24 275 11 79
       24 275 79 01

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Faktura Vat 2/3A4 (oryg/kop) CFB

Netto: 16,83 zł
Brutto: 20,70 zł
Producent: AlfaDRUK
Kod: poz.kat.880 2/3A4 zlec.19251
Wysyłka:1-3 dni
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Faktura Vat  2/3A4 (oryg-kop) CFB

poz.kat.880  zlec.19251

Liczba opinii: 5


Data dodania: 19 July 2015

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Ocena: 1/5


Data dodania: 17 July 2015

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Ocena: 1/5


Data dodania: 14 July 2015

I commend UPS on it's elnelxect response to help the people of Haiti. Great job!!! Also Ihave posted the blog from the American Red Cross website on my facebook page aboutthe free shipping hoax. I hope other people will do the same to help get the truth out.There are many ways we can all help. God bless!!!! http://ngvhgpc.com [url=http://drexdtcldg.com]drexdtcldg[/url] [link=http://qoudect.com]qoudect[/link]

Ocena: 5/5


Data dodania: 13 July 2015

It's so hard to continue _a href="http://ndvqsoxr.com"_wokring_/a_ (FT driver WTC, NYC) knowing that so many people are suffering. The Post had afront cover of a man crushed under some concrete. Isthere any reason to be so graphic? The WTC was my routeup to Sept. 11th, but I didn't run to see the trama atground zero. We are aware of the tragedy, the best we cando now is pray and let the experts do what they do.

Ocena: 1/5


Data dodania: 11 July 2015

Linda Thanks for your continued commnets to our blog. I'm grateful to hear that your boyfriend's family survived the earthquake. Like a lot of companies doing business in Haiti, we've also suffered loss to this tragedy. As a result, we can't reliably or safely deliver your goods direct to your boyfriend's family because our operations aren't intact. Right now, our main focus is on supporting the relief efforts that's why our aid is directed to relief agencies rather than offering free or discounted shipping service. It's too soon to say when we will resume delivery service to Haiti. We share your concerns about the future of Haiti and hope for better times ahead.

Ocena: 2/5

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