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Czyste kartki na recepty 1/3A4 pap.80g  (1000szt)
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Brutto: 35,82 zł 32,95 zł
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Paszport Techniczny  A5 zt/18k
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Polecenie przelewu/wpłata gotówkowa II-odc A6(CB+CF) 50bl.
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Teczka Okładka ozdobna LISTA OBECNOŚCI (BORDO MAR. A4+) 1szt
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Długopis z grawerem COSMO 100szt
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Pieczątka samotuszująca COLOP Printer Compact 30 PRO +gumka NOWOŚĆ
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Firma kurierska GLS
Antalis Polska
Impap Polska
Hurtownia "ADA"
Firma "JO-POL" Holandia
Poczta Polska
Firma Kurierska Inpost
Euforia Sierpc
MEGA Sierpc
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F.P.-H. Alfa DRUK sp. z o.o.
tel. 24 275 64 65,
tel. 24 275 79 01
       fax. 24 275 11 79

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K-111a Raport kasowy Rk A5

Netto: 6,01 zł
Brutto: 7,39 zł
Producent: AlfaDRUK
Kod: poz.kat.39 K-111a zlec.8508
Wysyłka:1-3 dni
Produkt dostępny (55 )
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K-111a Raport kasowy Rk  A5
poz.kat.39 ,zlec.8508 Druk niebieski.

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Data dodania: 19 July 2015

i so apologize...I didn't mean to sound so hlboirre with the comment...that is just my sarcasm which doesn't come out so well in e-mail...I always give Shannon such a hard time about how she hates the gaudy colors of baby toys and how she is always on the look out for designer looking toys..again, i apoligze if it came out wrong...Shannon and I will be shopping for elmo lights tomorrow..ha!!!! http://lukffxc.com [url=http://sjnltfqr.com]sjnltfqr[/url] [link=http://viawzrqgp.com]viawzrqgp[/link]

Ocena: 2/5


Data dodania: 17 July 2015

yeah but it is that baby r us crap that stimulates and _a href="http://fecnclrwvte.com"_excetis_/a_ the child..they seeem to love the bright colors and gaudiness of it all. I agree that it is not the most attractive stuff in the world but they are only babies and then kids for such a short time (they'll have plenty of time to be grown up) so I say let them be kids and enjoy a room full of Elmo or Dora or whoever they want if it makes them happy even if it doesn't go with the custom window treatments or the rest of the house...they'll be moved out before you know it and you'll be free to make it your own... and then you'll probably be missing that Hello Kitty room and house full of plastic or maybe just missing the days when you were younger!

Ocena: 4/5


Data dodania: 14 July 2015

When communication is back in order, you shluod offer aday of free, $1, or something along those lines forshipping for people who want to ship canned food, water,etc to Haiti. Not everyone has spare cash but some of ushave spare cans of good food. Some people want directresults too instead of wondering whether their money hasgone to victims or staff paychecks http://egbrfjnb.com [url=http://wjridhmse.com]wjridhmse[/url] [link=http://nwxdkud.com]nwxdkud[/link]

Ocena: 2/5


Data dodania: 13 July 2015

Thank goodness I came here to check_a href="http://flzmbqtkeh.com"_ tihgns_/a_ out for sure. I just put together a box ofitems to send to Haiti after receiving a text message that UPS was shipping for free.Now I have a box with baby blankets, towels, clothes and toiletries that I am not surewhat to do with. Are there any agencies that are accepting these items for latershipments to Haiti? God Bless the people of Haiti and all those who have reachedout in support.

Ocena: 1/5


Data dodania: 11 July 2015

Hansen has been lying non-stop everyday for 2 years, no one beelevis Hansen, not now or ever again....And as predicted the usual suspects called in, including someone named Sam....Ancient old con man Sam brings up about a family of 4 making 25,000$ per year getting a $800.00 per year credit and how better off this family will be....Do I have to state the obvious, well Bill Good, Well Colin Hansen, well Mr. Phony Sam...A family of 4 earning $25,000 per year, hmmm..Rent 12,000$ per year...food $ 5,000 per year...utilities, heat, phone, cable, maybe internet $3,000 per year...Clothing, Transport, medicine, $5000 per year...Despite what the phony Sam has to say, a family of 4 earning $25,000 per year are living in complete poverty, their rent is probably more like $18,000 per year...The best Colin Hansen and Phony Sam can come up with to justify the HST is a family of 4 living in absolute poverty won`t be worse off!As for Colin Hansen lying, "It`s a tangled web we weave when first we practive to deceive" Hansen will go to his his as a liar...His Tombstone will read something like this...{Here lies Colin Hansen, a ferret face and liar, Colin Hansen spent the last 20 years of his life lying and defending a criminal Government, despite many in the Campbell Government being jailed, Colin Hansen`s last words were..."It wasn`t on our radar, it wasn`t on our radar"}Cheers

Ocena: 3/5

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