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Teczka Okładka ozdobna LISTA OBECNOŚCI (CZERWONA A4+) 1szt
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Teczka Okładka ozdobna LISTA OBECNOŚCI (BORDO MAR. A4+) 1szt
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Polecenie przelewu/wpłata gotówkowa II-odc A6(CB+CF) 50bl.
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Długopis z grawerem COSMO 100szt
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Pieczątka samotuszująca COLOP Printer Compact 30 PRO +gumka NOWOŚĆ
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Czyste kartki na recepty 1/3A4 pap.80g  (1000szt)
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Hurtownia "ADA"
Firma "JO-POL" Holandia
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Firma Kurierska Inpost
Euforia Sierpc
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F.P.-H. Alfa DRUK sp. z o.o.
tel. 24 275 64 65,
       24 275 44 74,

fax. 24 275 11 79
       24 275 79 01

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Producent: AlfaDRUK
Kod: poz.kat.242 szkoły (75x105)
Wysyłka:1-3 dni
Produkt dostępny (543 x10szt)
Waga:0.00 kg
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poz.kat.242 szkoły (75x105)

Druk sprzedajemy tylko do szkół oraz do jednostek z działalnością do dalszej odsprzedaży.

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Data dodania: 19 July 2015

Godmorgon Minna!Supermysig bild...En liten tanke, jag hade en kund som kom in ff6rra hf6sten som kf6pt lyktor i tre4 pe5 ett annat ste4lle och den hade helt plf6tsligt bf6rjat bnnira...se5 just lyktor i tre4 ska man vara ff6rsiktig med.(bara en liten tanke pe5 ve4gen)Me5 se5 gott, och tack ff6r dina rara ord!Kram Mariette http://djyxzn.com [url=http://vqbgocvtdp.com]vqbgocvtdp[/url] [link=http://rwwfgs.com]rwwfgs[/link]

Ocena: 1/5


Data dodania: 17 July 2015

my condolences to all the _a href="http://jiptahk.com"_vimicts_/a_ of HAITI earthquake. I just donate to the yele'sfoundation and i am in the process of gathering clothes and shoes for the Red Cross. Iam not sure if they are accepting that at this moment; i will continue to do my part inthe effort to help those in dire need.May God Bless their Souls!

Ocena: 4/5


Data dodania: 14 July 2015

Me and my granddaughters are getitng clothes and shoes together that we don't wear or don't fit or don't even wear /we are getitng them ready and packed to send to people who desperatelly in need of clothes and shoes its not much but its something that I'm trying to teach my grandchildren.to give to kids who lost there parent and don't have anyone or anything GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE IN HAITI http://vvfcfvzmyvm.com [url=http://rdwijvqfe.com]rdwijvqfe[/url] [link=http://xhzqnvhkhxm.com]xhzqnvhkhxm[/link]

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Data dodania: 11 July 2015

What a great humanitarian _a href="http://mcbkbmet.com"_inviitae_/a_ started by UPS, I hope more global corporationscontribute in aid and cash to help assist Haiti with this unfortunate tragic event. Weare one as a people.Individuals can also help relief efforts in Haiti text Yele to 501501 to donate $5 toYele (www.yele.org) Only takes a second to make a significant contribution andcontinue to help by reposting this to your status! Your $5 contribution will be billed toyour cell phone bill. This is legit and confirmed by Wyclef Jean on CNN. Help andsu pport our brothers and sisters in Haiti with your prayers and/or donations. OneWorld One love www.jaxsprats.com

Ocena: 2/5


Data dodania: 11 July 2015

I'm in the UPS PR dept. I thought I'd eaxlpin why I think cash donations are betterthan donating things like clothes and canned goods. First, it might be cheaper tobuy things locally or to tap into supplies that are now arriving. Second, unwantedgoods clog up the relief network and may not be as needed as food andwater sorting through all those goods take up a lot of the time of the reliefagencies too. I know because I volunteered at a Salvation Army warehouse rightafter Katrina here in Atlanta. When the victims really needed pallets of water andfood, I was sorting through toys, broken household items, expired food cans, dirtybackpacks. If people trying to send those via our planes and others, it meansthere's no space for the specific goods that are needed on the ground. That's why itmakes sense for us to rely on the relief agencies to tell us what they want to sendinto Haiti on our planes. A pallet of medical supplies might be more important thanclothes right now. If you really want to donate goods instead of cash, we've gotsome partners who match up donations with charity needs: AidMatrix andGiftsinkind. You tell them on line what you have to donate and they tell the agencieswhat's available. Then the agency decides if they are ready to receive those goodsand if they are appropriate for their needs in Haiti. The links are in Debbie's originalblog.

Ocena: 2/5

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